Helping industry leaders create brave spaces that center on healing, equity, and community.

Speaking Engagement

Provide webinars, presentations and keynote speeches on topics of mental health, DEI issues, race and racism, gender issues in Asian America and community bridging across BIPOC communities.

DEI Program/Event

Develop and co-create strategic programming and event planning to facilitate safe and brave spaces for participants to hold conversations and activities in support of mental wellness, racial justice, and community building.

“Own your intentions and your impacts”

Aaro and Clemns, From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces

Work with me to…

  • Create brave spaces that engage participants in healing-centered dialogues about social justice.
  • Build community and strengthen diverse communities.

About Me

Hello, I am Dr. Esther Hio-Tong Castillo (she/her). I’m a sociologist, community organizer, advocate, and DEI expert.

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Get In Touch

  • esther.ht.castillo@gmail.com